Monday, January 10, 2011

Post Christmas Decor

I need some help!! I’ve had this set of three frames hung on the wall for a while now and don’t know what type of image or medium to put in the tri-frame. Any ideas?
The two floral prints are from a book I purchased a while back while browsing an antique barn in St. Jacob’s.

wall frames

And I just snapped a few pictures of some post Christmas decorating with two new birdie items I received. It’s my weakness.

cabinet top

Owl: $2.00 sale last year at Home Sense
Paper Art: DIY Project
White Birdie Buddies: A stocking stuffer from Pier One

Surprise! They are actually salt and pepper shakers. So cute!
















And finally, this lovely little birdie print that reads, “Faith, Family and Friends,” as a gift from my momma. 

Birds are slowly taking over my home.


countrylanetreasures said...

I think some simple botanical prints like ferns or leaves.

Alyssa said...

Love the little birdie s&p shakers! They're really cute.

The tri-frame - I'd probably go for something less 'art-like', maybe some textiles with bird's nests, botanicals, etc. Prints of single branches would look nice, too. Something with plenty of white space.