Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Antique Adventures

Have you ever stepped into an overwhelming space so full of 'stuff' that you just don't know where to begin and wonder how it will ever end? Such is the experience of entering an Antique Barn or Antique warehouse. A single building full of small vending booths, each holding a wide variety of nic-nacs and collectibles, vintage finds and of course some junk.
These pictures are from St. Jacobs, Ontario.

I purchased this lovely Shabby Chic mirror. It will hang above my couch, but I just need to get the proper wall hanging stuff because it's quite heavy. I just love it! And I also found this

I also found this wonderful Herb Sampler book.
I love these graphic watercolour paintings.
I might cut some pages out and frame them...not sure yet.

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Cat said...

hey Shannon, didn't realize you are so into vintage and pretty things ... :-) now I do.