Thursday, May 28, 2009

Handmade Wall Art

While trying to make my apartment more homey, I decided I needed some art for the walls. "Well, why not make my own?" I asked. I decided on a paper collage on a 12X12 1" canvas. I was initially inspired while visiting the The Paper Place.

My colour scheme for the bedroom is white (bed, dressers, shelving), tan (walls), green/mint (bedding and accessories). I hope to post some pictures of the bedroom once I find some drapery I'm happy with.

12 x 12 1" canvas (Curry's Art store)
podgy glue
patterned paper
paper cutter
old paint brush for glue


Lee said...

wow i've never seen your dresser so clean!

Shan Van said...

HAHA, Only for the picture right! :)

Jessica Stowe said...

So pretty, I love it.