Monday, April 18, 2011

An Obtainable List of Things to Do

I’ve been very inspired by many craft projects lately, and really want to get at some of them. Here is a short list for the next 6 weeks which will leave me at the end of May to have them complete.

1) Paint or wallpaper the back of my white hutch in a fun, bright colour!



2) Make two ruffled pillows for my bedroom and another pillow out of this thrifted fabric.


3) Make grass filled egg shells with Tayson for Easter


4) Hang the 7 hoops I’ve collected in our entrance hallway with fun fabric
This is from my old apartment and I just never hung them again.

I can do it right?

::What I’ll need that I don’t already have at home::

To Purchase
wall paper if I’m going with that option
- white fabric for the pillows
- grass seed Canadian Tire



paint from my parents if they have extra from their new room? (mom?)
- sewing machine from sister
- soil from my dad

(got to love family)


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think that turquoise color would look great behind your hutch! The white contrast would really make it stand out. That hoop and fabric idea is great! I wont pass on cheap o' hoops when I see them out thrifting. Thanks for the idea!