Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thrifty Weekend Finds:: Rummage Sale

Every time I encounter a sale like this, I question why I attend this type of venue to thrift. Last weekend’s Church Rummage sale was rude and crowded. The amount of people that showed up on a warm Saturday morning was shocking to me and I wonder if all the upcoming rummage sales will be like this?

Luckily it was well organized, as it always is with this church, but I left with very little as the crowd was thick with aggressive people who shoved, elbowed and spoke in very rude ways. I managed to find a semi peaceful place around the craft table where I only picked up these items::

Two vintage baby knitting books, a pieces of pretty fabric for a new pillow in our bedroom and a box of vintage buttons.



Gina said...

I had the same thing the other day in a GW. A lady saw me pick up an item and she rushed over and stood literally 3 inches from me until I moved (I think this is a very effective and passive-aggressive technique for her). We weren't even interested in the same items (she had apparently spied a candle or something near me). Sadly, as much as I love reading ReSellers blogs (and def seeing the treasures!), I think Ebay and that has taken a bit of the fun out of "thrifting" and made it a competitive sport!

Gina said...

O, and very cool finds nonetheless! Love the fabric!

David and Sarah said...

Hello! I just stumbled upon your blog. I generally like to start blogs at the beginning. Do you have an archive set up at all? Maybe I can't find it.