Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Garland Inspiration

After making my cupcake garland, I was inspired to look for other cute ways to decorate for spring using garlands::

Source: If you have a Cricut or Sizzix this is a great option

Source: Doilies are super cheap and very pretty

Source: Love the idea of adding a white string of lights between, but is this safe?

Source: PAINT CHIPS! Who would have thought? Not me, but I love it.

Source: I have some of these foam eggs from Dollarama kicking around somewhere.
I like the thought of using them, but not all linked together. Maybe with something in between them…hmm, but what? Any thoughts?
*Loose pieces of lace bunched together
*Wooden spools
*Faux leaves


Teresa said...

Like it!

Graceful Oven said...

We painted some of the bigger styrofoam eggs with pastel colours and strung those in between the smaller dollerama eggs and some mini white and pink pom poms...