Monday, April 4, 2011

Thrifty Weekend Finds

Sadly, I did not get the lamp that would have been a smashing hit in our living room.
I was fifth in line on Saturday morning, but the group of three friends who were first in line were also there for the lamp and snagged it as soon as the door was open.
Seriously, I almost cried. Is that totally lame or what? I was deeply disappointed.

On a brighter note, I did get the white and brown dresser for $30! Perfect for my son’s room as it was overcrowded by a long dresser.

I did also score a bunch of amazing goodies, and so, I suppose the beautiful vintage arch lamp was not meant to be. Here are my great thrifty weekend finds!


*Cool retro clock and swivel mirror *wooden spools and thimbles
These are all going to the shop!

This totally adorable retro clock is in great working order.
Love these wooden spools and cute thimbles

*Pretty cream picture frame *Set of flowery spring pillow cases – going to the shop!


*Two lacy pillow covers

*Some retro fabric for my friend Jess @ Graceful Oven

*This amazing vintage leather purse! I just LOVE it and am keeping this for myself.
It was $5.00!

My second Pyrex find:: An olive green Pyrex mixing bowl with a Spring Blossom pattern. Also two smaller solid mixing bowls.  These are going to the shop!

Crazy boy doing an Egyptian pose with his new dresser.

It is in amazing condition and nothing has to be done to it!
Nice deep drawers too.

And now this last item was a totally fun surprise to open. I asked one of the estate sale guys to reach for this cute case at the top of a closet. I thought it was empty but when I opened it up . . .


. . . there was the most adorable vintage dolls clothes inside, complete with hangers, socks, a jacket and rompers. They are the sweetest handmade items I’ve seen.

This is also going to the shop if you know of any little girl, or her mother, who may enjoy this adorable set.

Be sure to check out my shop for some awesome finds and I’ll be updating it soon with some of these item for sale. 3 Thrifty Ladies

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Graceful Oven said...

Yay!! Love that fabric!
Great purse too. Sorry about the lamp:(

Leah said...

Wow, you really scored on this one! I love that purse and the clock!! I am itching to go thrifting now after seeing what you and mom have found lately.

xo L.

Vintage Scapes said...

That is a great purse... and the vintage baby clothes... much too adorable!

grace said...

That purse is awesome, and I love the hat box!

Teresa said...

Love Tay's expression! I think he likes his dresser!

LANA said...

Wow - you did really well at the sale. I know what you mean about the disappointment of seeing someone ahead taking the object you want, but you will find a lamp you love eventually. - Lana

Leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

wow, that music case is really awesome! so is the dresser!