Thursday, March 31, 2011

Upcoming Estate Sale Weekend

My heart almost stopped when I opened up the link that was attached in the email I received about an upcoming estate sale this weekend. (Yes, I subscribe to a list serve for estate sale*blush*) This is why:

Do you see that heavenly vintage arched lamp? It is PERFECT, and I mean PERFECT for our living room. We do not have an overhead light and I’ve seen these babies range from $300 - $500 dollars in some high end lighting stores. Now, I have no idea what the asking price will be on this piece of sweetness, but I think I’ll have to get out of bed early Saturday morning if I want it to be mine! I’m willing to sharpen my elbows for her. And the best part? My dear BFF love it too.

The sale is also boasting some pretty amazing looking dressers.
I’ll have to speak to the BFF, but I’m loving both these! Which one do you prefer?
I think the white and wood is a bit more timeless than the green.
There’s also this funky retro lamp as well. It’s like the baby to the mommy.

And my little eye spied this, way up in the corner of the picture. Can you guess what I’m looking at?

I don’t know what’s with me and lighting, but that is what I have seemed to spot at this up coming sale!

If they have some of these fun, funky, vintage, retro pieces, I can’t wait to see what else is in the house!

6:40 wake up call Saturday morning! Wish me luck!


grunge-queen said...

Hope you get it - may thrifter's Karma be with you!

Leah said...

ha You're hilarious. Your place is going to be very well lit after this sale! Good luck!

xo L.

Vintage Scapes said...

just saw this post... so many cool things to be had