Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekend Project Complete

This embroidery hoop project was on my list to do before the end of May.
It was fun pulling out fabric and finding other fun ways to customize the hoops and make them each unique yet all coordinate together.

I hot glued each piece of fabric to the inside of the hoop.

Amy Butler fabric::Vintage lace on blue::Hand stitched embroidery bird::

I made this organza flower with pearls a while back, it matched perfectly.

One project down, three to go.

What did you do this weekend?

We had a lovely time with family celebrating and remembering the death and life of Jesus and the grace we have been granted through His sacrifice.

I picked up some pretty flowers I had to share as well.


I just can’t resist my favorite flower {Ranunculus}



PinkCatJo said...

Very pretty! I've seen something similar done with the embroidery hoops before and think it looks great. Plus when you want a change it isn't too expensive to create something else. x

Leah said...

Nice job. Looks cute.

xo L.

Graceful Oven said...

Love it shan. looks so pretty.
you did a great job.