Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thrifty Weekend Finds

I was seriously craving to thrift on Friday. I haven’t gone shopping at all in January except for groceries and other home essentials. Sort of as a challenge to myself. But that’s not fun!

I love the scores I found, including some shirts for me which is rare because I don’t often find anything in the clothing department for myself.
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A Pyrex 8 x 8 complete with a cute woven basket for serving. I burnt my metal 8 x 8 to crap a few weeks ago and had to pitch it, so this was a need. $3.99
People, I know this is crazy considering I am not pregnant, but I can’t stop looking and buying these adorable dresses! (Is this normal?) And the $3.99 price tag doesn’t help. I broke one of my own thrifty rules.
Details of the sweet watermelon top.
Columbia spring wind breaker $6.99
I wouldn’t usually buy something for $6.99 second hand as I consider that too much for a used item. Only thing, the jacket was something I needed and I know that purchased new it would cost around $50!
R W & Co blouse $4.99
This last item was picked up by my Momma on 1/2 price day at her local Goodwill. She knew that I had a breadbox on my thrift list and got this one for $2.50! Saaweet!
I think I may have some plans for it. It’s a Brabantia brand, made by a Dutch company and when I looked on their European website, one sells for 45 Euros! What!? Mom, can you believe you paid $2.50 for it?
It fits perfectly into this space on my cabinet.



countrylanetreasures said...

Wow, that is crazy!!
45 euros!!!
I think that was one of the best finds I've had.

Alyssa said...

Love the breadbox, and look! It fits perfectly. Must be a sign. ;)

Betty said...

Nice finds, especially the bread box. I love the little dress.

Jenifir said...

I love your breadbox on your cabinet. I have the same one. I paid around $65 over fifteen years ago. It was well worth the money with it still being useful and enjoyed. Well thrifted for you!

kris said...

I'm a big fan of secondhand clothing. keep an open mind. I pay $6 for most of my finds, but lots of them retailed in the hundreds. Great finds. And get out there and thrift if it's what you enjoy doing. Just keep a budget. : )