Monday, November 22, 2010

Thrift List

Do you keep one? It’s sort of like a grocery list, but for items that you are seeking to hunt or find. I keep a sticky note on my cork board when I’m reminded of something that we need that I may think will be more interesting and unique if found while thrifting.

My Current List Reads:

1 ) A gravy boat or creamer (something with a spout)

2)  A citrus press/ juicer

3)  4 red plates, glasses or bowls (to add a nice splash of colour to a Christmas table)

4)  A vintage bread box

5)  Unique white frames for my picture wall

I know that I could just go out and purchase all these items but that is not really the point. I don’t want to be a consumer if I can buy something used, it’s called recycling! And I actually find it fun to go and specifically look for items when thrifting. It also keeps me in check to not buy things we don’t need!

These are some things I’ve seen on Etsy: (click on the word to link to the sellers site)

1) Gravy Boat
A vintage Pyrex gravy boat, so cute.


2) Citrus Juicer


3) Red bowls, Anthropologie


4) Breadbox


What things are on your Thrift List?


Alyssa said...

I'll admit it; I don't have an official list. I should probably remedy that soon. It might help me remember what I need to look for specifically when I'm thrifting.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a list, although I keep a list of items in my head that I am drawn to and should NOT bring any more home.
I want to remain fresh and open to possibilities. If I go looking for something special, all the treasures I may not register and walk past.
Well, of course there is the famous and elusive Manitowoc made 60s aluminum Christmas tree. That is always on my list. (How we hated them back then.)

grunge-queen said...

I never go with a list either, that would drain the fun for me! But of course I always haunt certain sections hoping to find little gems (the coats, boots, and jewellery areas namely!). Sometimes if I have a glimmer of a wish list in the corner of my mind, I find some of the pieces, but - call it superstition! - if the thought becomes too conscious (I'm convinced) I'll never find it!

Missy said...

What a great idea! I love going to thrift stores but I usually don't have anything specific in mind. I probably should though, to keep me focused. Although, I do love a good spur of the moment buy. What I love to buy the most at thrift stores? Cookbooks!