Monday, November 8, 2010

Wall Art Collage

I’ve been dying to get something up on our bedroom wall as it had this unsettled feeling, like we weren’t totally moved in or waiting to move out. There is something about having pictures hung that make a room feel more complete, more personal. And that is what I was going for with this wall collage. Two pieces have more of a significant meaning to me and the husband and I hope to add pieces to it as I hunt and collect more frames.
I was really unsure how to go about putting it together so I found this great post here that helped me out. This was an example that I used.

Picture Collage0003

I traced each frame on a piece of craft paper so I could find the best configuration for the space on the wall.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

We went with option three. I know that I want to add more frames and the other two options didn’t seem to leave a nice space for any later additions. And I just like this configuration the best.


Pretty Art Wall.

I purchased these white square Ribba frames from Ikea a few years ago.
A great cheap way find nice 'art' is to look in a card store.
I picked up some pretty square cards for about $5.00 each and popped
them into the frames.

For this one specific frame I changed the matting around it with patterned
scrapbook paper. The card inside is what I gave my son-to-be-husband
on our wedding day. I like how there are hidden words locked inside!


This lovely "birds on a wire" original painting was given to me on our engagement.
BFF had a former summer student of his paint it just for me.
I love it and its special meaning.

This is a cool vintage radio that BFF salvaged from the roadside.
It actually has a really cool sound.
I picked up this pretty glass antique lamp from V.V for $8.00 a while back.
All it needed was a new shade.



Michaela said...

Shannon, I love the configuration you chose! It's playful and adds a lot of character! You did a wonderful job. I just saw Janell, from Isabella and Max rooms cut out a template like this, too! Seems to work well!

Amy Grin said...

Awesome Shan! I am looking for inspiration for my living room right now...I should have you over to give me some tips!! Love it!

Teresa said...

Looks so nice Shan!

Laura vdK said...

Looks great! It's so much fun to put your stamp on a room eh?

Graceful Oven said...

So beautiful- looks great!