Friday, January 28, 2011

Estate Sale, to go or not to go?

Have you ever? Gone to one? I'm an estate sale virgin but there is something about it that makes me want to see what it's about. Tomorrow there is a sale close by our place and I'm tempted to check it out.
What do you think?

That dresser is pretty interesting with the design on the front of the drawers!

 Lots of silverware and pretty glass ware. Nothing I need though.

Look at all this costume jewelry! Neat-o.

I think it's good to think outside the box, maybe there would be old sheet music by this organ?

I don't know right now. Doors open at 8:00am and I think this kind of thing involves sharp elbows.
Do I feel like doing this on a Saturday morning!?


Leah said...

I would love to scrounge through that costume jewelry! You should go, and then tell me about it and maybe we'll go together next time :)

Jacqueline Lee said...

I wouldn't wanna miss it! Sharpen those elbows! ;) And then come back and share how it went with us!

Our Beautiful Life said...

oh def go! i think that drawer would be awesome with some fun paint. please go, and give us an update.