Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thrifty Weekend Finds

Saturday morning I dragged my son and I out to the estate sale I spotted on Craigslist. All I can say was Whoa! Never in my life have I seen a house like this. It was unbelievable, all the stuff, all the mess, all the people. Overwhelming! But sort of cool at the same time. I rummaged through rooms full of garbage bags, boxes, etc. There was an old trunk full of homemade baby sweaters!

Look at these adorable sweet knitted pieces!

A baby blue with adorable butterflies!


White Rabbit Love!

Minted Green and a baby bonnet.

Precious creamy knit with a delicate ribbon.


Robins Egg colour sweater. It has the most delicate white edging and tiny little buttons.


This sweet vintage sailor jumper.

Aren’t they just so adorable!? I’m so in love with each one!

I also found a stash of five handmade, hand stitched aprons.
Hey Apron Thrift Girl, I thought of you when I picked these up! :)


See the interesting and beautiful stitching. I can just see the love and time that was put into making these!


Seven balls of crochet yarn. My grandmother makes beautiful crocheted things, so I’m going to be passing these on to her.

In total I spent $15.00. Ya, sweet eh!? I’m really contemplating opening my own shop online. There is something scary and exciting about it!

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Alyssa said...

Pretty knits and aprons! Looks like you had a great time. I found myself in a house just like that this weekend, too. It's a bit crazy, huh?

Van said...

Oh, those little bunny buttons! Very cute finds.

grace said...

Don't you just love finding homemade stuff? Part of what I really dig about thrifting is thinking about the potential story behind each item, and that goes double with things that were clearly made with someone's own hands.

lisanne said...

Would you be willing to sell the aprons. They brought tears to my eyes. My grandmother made two that were exactly like two of the four you found. She wore them, my mother wore them, and then I wore them out. I would love to replace them as she was the one who really raised me and the memories are all I have left. I would then like to pass them on to my daughter in laws. I know they aren't the originals, but closer than anything I could ever find. Let me know. Thanks!

Lea said...

so many cute things. i always dressed my bubbas in handknits. love them. what a bargain price for your treasures.