Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February is Birthday Month

Both me and my son are born in the month of February. He’s turning eight and is crazy about the idea of his birthday and being able to invite a bunch of friends over. It’s a BIG deal. See, we moved to a new area in Toronto and as such, he’s had to change schools, which has been a transition and so, having new friends over is something he is really excited about. But I have a slight dilemma on my hands. 

He has only invited girls to his party.

Ya, I know, I couldn’t get a single boy name out of him. So I’ve resolved myself to saying, “It’s his party and this is what he wants.”

Now, onto the planning. His list of To Do’s consists of playing Dance Dance Central on our X-Box, which I think they girls will like. But I’ve also thought about doing a jewellery making class with them to design a necklace and bracelet. We’ll have pizza and cake and presents and I’m sure they will all just play together. Should I bother with games? Or just go with the flow?

So we’re just going to have a “non gendered” party, celebrate Tayson’s 8th year of life and have fun!

Tayson’s 7th Birthday Party



Our Beautiful Life said...

Happiest birthday wishes!!!! My birthday is in February, too. Us February birthdays are pretty much a big deal. :)

Alyssa said...

Happy Birthday to your boy! Honestly, at age 8, I'd probably just go with the flow, but have some backup plans in case they're needed.

Teresa said...

I remember planning games for the boys and they would ask me after a couple of games "When can we play?"
Do the jewellery making and have a back up game or two.

Missy said...

Super cute decorations! Happy Birthday to you and your little boy of eight!