Monday, January 3, 2011

Thrifty Weekend Finds

I haven’t done a lot of thrifting over this holiday season. But I needed to unload a purged box of junk well loved items after a holiday household whirlwind clean up. How could I simply drop off a box without a  quick little look around?

But I do say that after the holiday’s I’ve had a new perspective on consumerism. We consume to much. And I think that although one can be thrifty in what type of things one consumes, (second hand), it can still end up filling your home with unnecessary stuff made all the more easy by thinking, “Wow, it only cost $1.99 for this pair of shoes!” But you know that you may only wear them a handful of times. So I have put some grounds for thrifting on myself in a way to keep our home clutter free and to be able to make the most of our space.

Three Thrift Rules for 2011:

1) Thrift first, shop second – I find if you hold out long enough, you will be able to find what you need. Example below. I needed a small glass measuring cup. I could have easily gone to Canadian Tire and purchased one for around $8.00 but knew that if I kept looking, I’d eventually find a thrifty one. . . for $1.99! Ever dollar counts when trying to save.

2) Thrift list - much like the one I
posted about. This helps you keep track of what you need, rather than easily putting something in your cart because it only costs a few bucks, or it’s cute, or it may be useful down the road, etc., etc., etc. Items seem easy to justify when the price is right.

3) Thrift twice a month – simple, less shopping equals less consuming

These seem pretty simple to me and I think I’ll be able to adhere to them.

Moving on: Here is what I picked up a few days ago.


$1.99 Glass Pyrex Measuring Cup

Adorable baby girl dress, size 12 months. I tend to look for clothes for my nieces but I decided to keep this for myself. No, I’m not preggo, but I do plan on having more kids and just adore this.

More detail of the embroidered top. $2.99

A few yards of fabric, with birds on it of all things!
You should know by now that I have a love for birds. $1.99


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nic said...

what a darling little dress. and i'm liking your thrifting guidelines...i haven't done much thrifting lately, but when i get back in the groove i'm going to revisit this post.

grunge-queen said...

Gosh, admirable rules and too true - wish I had your restraint!! I thrift shop waaay too much, but I have def refined my thrift shopping rules, so now I buy only **really** good quality stuff that I will wear - and I have really shut down the bric-a-brac impulse as I have way too many beautiful bibs and bobs in my wee apartment and nowhere to put em, alas!

Van said...

Looks like we have the same exact thrifting rules! Quite literally :) Except I donated perhaps 7 boxes to the thrift store!

Anonymous said...

I am soooooo coveting the bird fabric....great find!

Laurie said...

Oh, that I could stick to only thrifting twice a month...