Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thrifted Home {Ideas and Inspiration}

I came across this lovely list/ideas on Re-Nest, (a new site to me) called:

10 Common Thrift Store Finds
and ways to use them for DIY projects

I found a slew of cool, interesting and potentially fun projects to pursue to decorate our place and make it feel more homey.

I would love to try and do something similar myself. Inspiration Here

Things to thrift for:
3 matching frames
a small shelf
a large hook
Question? How would one go about cutting a ceramic vase in half??

I actually have a slew of glass spaghetti jars saved.
My baking cupboard is crying out patiently waiting for me to
organize it with them. But this caught my eye and I think it’s so cute!

Things to thrift for:
canning jar lids

This crate on casters is so adorable for children’s toys or books.
Maybe I can convince my mom to give me one of hers for my birthday!

Things to thrift for:
four casters

I wish I would have seen something like this before
we went and  bought our butcher block island from Lowes.
To me this pieces is 100% more functional and has a lot more character.
I’d definitely find a dresser with two big drawers at the bottom to fit our
bulky items like the crockpot and mixer.
Do you think I can convince my BFF to try sell our block on
Craigslist and opt for this instead?

Things to thrift for:
my parent buy and sell antique furniture, so I’ll just have a  look in their barn! *wink*


Jacqueline Lee Valenti said...

I really like the kitchen dresser! I might just mimic that idea in the future too-- it's so homey and ideal for space!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

These are such cute idea. I love the jars and I really like the coat hook. I am ready to try a few of these right now. Thanks for the tips.

grunge-queen said...

You're so creative; I love the jar idea - practical yet pretty too!

VISION Photography | www.mytruevision.com | This is my true vision said...

I LOVE your blog. We're photographers in Atlanta with a passion for all things vintage, thrifty stores, art, indie crafts...pretty much every thing up your alley. It's infused into our style and influences our work.

Pleasure to make your acquaintance. Check us out.