Saturday, January 8, 2011

Great Grandmothers Costume Jewellery

This post is a bit out of context to the usual, but as I was organizing and cleaning today, I came across three pieces of jewellery that I totally forgot about. They are not expensive, but hold value to me. I had the privilege to know 3 of my great grandparents and have memories of each of them. These were once owned by my mom’s, mom’s, mom. I guess that make her my maternal great grandmother.

These are screw on rhinestone earrings. My Great-grandmother never had her ears pierced, but always wore earrings.


There are two leafy necklaces with such pretty details.
Neither are silver, in fact I think the second one is plastic.
But I simply like them for their sentimental value to me.





Christina - Summer Year Round said...

The screw on earrings are beautiful!

Missy said...

They are all so beautiful!

Leah said...

These are so cool, I never knew you had this stuff.