Friday, June 5, 2009

Birdie Bath {room}

I don't know exactly where my recent affection for birds came from, but as of late I LIKE THEM. I like them a lot! [insert David rolling his eyes] I picked up these two cute little prints when we went to Elora a few months back. Perfect on the ikea shelf above the 'throne' which I kept out of the picture.

At the same store there was also this too-adorable-to-leave-behind door knocker! It's for my house to be one day. But maybe I can find a place for him to nest till then. Then what did my eyes spy while on a recent visit of HomeSense? An adorable birdie bath perfect for jewelery or keys. (if relocated) And this delightful square serving plate, adorned with what else, but another little tweeter!

Don't worry David, I won't go Alfred Hitchcock on you! (I just had to add the most hilarious/bazaar barbie doll I've seen featuring a movie character!! Marcella, have you collected this one yet?) see below

What are some things that you enjoy collecting and decorating with?

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