Thursday, June 17, 2010

Furniture Scoping

As I will soon be moving into a new home (Yipee, more space!), and as the BFF and I will be needing some "new" furniture, I've been trying to figure out what it is we will need and where to find the best deals. Craigslist is always a good start, but so many people use it, that the good stuff is usually scooped pretty fast.

Another option is an Auction. As I've mentioned in this post, Rob Sage holds some pretty great country auctions where I may be able to find some pieces that fit our needs.

A third option is my mom. As mentioned in
this post, my mom and dad have gotten into refinishing antiques and other interesting pieces of furniture.

Here is my list:

A dresser (s)
A queen bed
Side tables for the bed
A coffee table
A butcher block

I'm just loving this coffee table from Whiteberry. So I'll need to scope out a round dining table for sure! The castors would be a bonus! Check out the link to see how see made it.

So far I've found these items on Craigslist:

Sleigh Bed

End tables that would look fabulous painted white or a light sea blue/green

Here's a cute low round table that could use a paint job!

Some spicing up with a coat of white paint! Only $65


Jen said...

Hey Shan!!

I'm not sure how handy you and Dave are but have you seen the website It's pretty amazing! This woman, Ana, posts free furniture plans to build yourself, based on Pottery Barn and West Elm furniture, etc. El and I have built a console table from the site and it's amazing! El has a to-do list of about 4 things I want him to build for our new house, including a bed and a bench!


Jessica Stowe said...

Ah repainted furniture...So lovely. Looking forward to seeing what you do when you get into your new space.