Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Auction Sales

Have you ever been to one? The thrill of the hunt, the competitive edge when you see someone raising their number at an item you’ve already chosen a spot for in your home! Oh the rush of the win! How exciting!

Well, not really, but it is fun if you get a good deal on an item that you find useful and, in my mom’s case, fixable and ready for resale! Check out these items from Rob Sage Auctions that I would love to bid on. Auction starts at 10am, Saturday March 27th. Click HERE for more details.

Great boxes for plant stands or other random storage items.
Shabby pie shelf, to be hung above a desk and display pretty item on the shelves.

An old drink dispenser. I LOVE Nestea Iced Tea!

A plain old wash table, waiting to be painted and fitted with a sink.
Perfect for that small main floor bathroom.

Looks like a good piece for an entrance.
Replace the front panels with some frosted glass!

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