Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Whoooo's who?

Picked up a few "Who's" in the last few month.
$2.99 metal owl from HomeSense, an after Christmas clearance item!

This adorable (early birthday present to me) Owl purse pin. 
Made by ETSY Designer Cuore
I just love it! 

And finally, this totally rad stamp set from ETSY seller Lemon Tree Studio
Seriously, she has the cutest fabric items, tags and other do-dads! 
I scored this set for only $11.00! 


Coriander Girl said...

I just read the lovely things you said about the shop. That was you who came in and bought the posy? I'd like to re-meet you. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Honestly, posting that photo on the blog wasn't something I'd normally do. I must have been terribly sleep deprived and now feeling the need to defend it. Hope I see you again.

Grace said...

Shan! I didnt' know you collected Who's?.. how cool.. will definitly keep my eyes open for them.
I think Mrs. Rad...fe does too.
love your blog, and will have to try those muffin cups and recipe!