Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A split lip

My heart is still racing. That piercing cry and the sight of blood, it makes my hand shake. If I were writing this, it would be a mess. My poor little guy fell tonight while being his funny old self. Getting ready for bed, he likes to play this silly game where he puts two legs into one pant leg. Last night included squeezing two arms into one sleeve, which meant he could not break his fall as he was, sort of, mummified in his pajamas. As he hopped around the corner, he lost his balance and banged his bitty little lippy on the corner of the wall. OUCH! The teeth marks make a gouge in the drywall as they split right through his lip. Yes, I looked after he fell fast asleep in bed. Poor little dude. The scar will be a funny story to tell when he's older, "Look mommy, I'm a b-u-n-n.....ahhhhh!" A bunny, he was trying to be a bunny.

Stethoscope Necklace

Girly Nurse


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