Monday, May 4, 2009

{Nautical Inspiration}

Downtown, on my lunches I usually end up walking into a store or two. This spring I've noticed the trend of fresh whites mixed with dark navy blue material on a lot of mannequins <~ (this is a weird word to spell, no?) A very Nautical theme is going on in fashion. Below are some cute handmade Nauticals.

Nautical Baby Booties
~Babygrin Etsy~

Nautical Purse
Vicky is my crafty 'aunt.' I say 'aunt' because she married my uncle who is only two years older than me and therefore was never referred to, by me, as my uncle...more like a older brother. Besides, she'd kill me if I ever really call her 'Aunt Vicky.' Check out her handmade bags and jewelery.
~VickyVK ArtFire~

Nautical Beach Bling
~Beach Glass Memories~

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