Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thrifty Finds

I spent a lovely day with my mom doing what we do best, thifting at her local thrift joints in the ‘burbs. I wish the stores in the big city were as good as they are there. Here they are often way over priced and totally picked through.

I’m planning on spray painting this mirror white.
It goes nicely with this pretty metal frame.
I plan on adding them to my collage art wall. They were both only $1.50!

Look at the pretty details!

I also picked up this finely detailed mirrored makeup tray for my dresser.
My grandmother had one and so it reminds me of her. I think I may spray paint it white also. $1.50!

And lastly, I couldn’t resist this adorable vintage gingham dress.
I’m debating whether to list it on Etsy or not? It’s so cute with the little ties at the side and it came with a pair of matching rompers.


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