Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lovely Places: St. Jacob’s Market

We decided to head out of the city Saturday morning for a drive to Amish Country and spend the morning at the St. Jacob’s Market.

So much amazing food, great venders, and farmers with their fresh produce.
Of course there is also a great antique barn across the road.

An amazing lily farmer!

This was so stunning!

The heat was intense, but we bought this fresh 1 Liter lemonade with fresh fruit!
A definite thirst quencher.

And over at the antique barn, there were so many things I could have bought,
but I walked away empty handed as I know we don’t NEED anything.

There was this great set of 4 pyrex mixing bowl!

This awesome vintage fan…on the way home I was thinking about it.

There was something about this tall chair I loved.

An entire shelf full of various pyrex. Although I found the prices to be a little too steep.

And this was just the cutest children’s ice cream parlour table and chair set.

I shouldn’t say I walked away empty handed. We bought our weeks groceries at the market, all fresh and full of Ontario goodness!

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Missy said...

I love pyrex items - what a great spot you found for items as lovely as this!