Monday, May 2, 2011


Last week this adorable boy brought home some lovely but over grown plants from school. He knew that Grandpa would have a solution for transplanting them! This was our after school project today::

Lovely Boy with a cheese smile!
(I know, looks like knives are coming out of his head! Oops)

Needed:: Potting soil, plastic pots, and water. Plus overgrown sunflower plant and overcrowded tomato plant, plus some plant that Tayson only remembers the name of in French, so we are at a loss with that one!

IMG_01141) From my grandmother 2) Spindly French unknown 3) Tomato 4) Giant sunflower

Now hopefully they will all flourish in front of the sunlight, to then be transplanted again at a later date when they weather is better outside. Wish me luck as my track record with caring for plants is dismal!


Leah said...

What a cheesy grin. And yes, it does look like knives are coming out of the poor kids head! lol. Good luck.


Country Lane Treasures said...

Love that boys cheesy grin!
I think the unknown plant is called nastursium. Maybe??

Graceful Oven said...

I thought that tay had a little hat on something like the planters peanut guy has on....
you're such a great mom shan! I love tays plants.