Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thrifty Weekend Finds {Rummage}

I had the guts to attend another church rummage sale that was happening down the road from me. Based on my last experience, I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted to go again, but boy, I’m sure glad I did!

Here’s my loot::

A great white plant pot, rustic note cards, a wire basket, an antique lacy runner, two bright patterned pillow cases and a sugar jar.

1/2 yards of vintage fabrics and this other pretty white remnant.


Here’s another shot of the pillow cases!

Pretty note cards

The cute wire basket. And this is what I bought the sugar jar for::


This is the gorgeous runner.

And another pretty shot of the plant holder. Love!
I also bought three feather pillow forms and a yard of muslin.
I think in total I spent only $15.00! Sa-weet!


Catherine's Peacock said...

I love church sales! I think they are the best. And I love the sugar jar idea. I need like five of those!

grunge-queen said...

Mmm, I wonder if we were at the same church rummage sales in Forest Hill? Nice booty. Love the planter and neat idea for the sugar holder. I was working but did buy some costume bling ... once I could get to the table, that is!

Vintage Scapes said...

What a great idea for the sugar jar! The pattern on the pillow cases is pretty sweet too!

Leah said...

Love what you found! Very springy.

Van said...

Beautiful finds, and photos, too!