Wednesday, December 22, 2010

DIY Mini Felt Stocking Ornament


I wanted to make a little something for my two nieces that could be
a tradition every year from their aunty. Ornaments are cute, fast
and easy to whip up! Of course I made one for my son as well. 

* felt from craft store
*glue gun
*thread and needle

1. Draw a small stocking shape on a piece of cardboard and cut out.


2. Trace onto  a piece of coloured felt. Cut out two pieces for a back and front.
Also cut two long rectangles for the top part of each each stocking.


3. Choose buttons and stich only on one piece of the stocking.
Do not stitch them together. Start warming your glue gun.


4. Stitch real, but fake stitching on the front of the stocking.
Now I say real, but fake, because I didn’t actually stitch the two pieces of
felt together.


5. After the stitching is complete, start gluing. First, glue the two stocking
pieces together. Second, glue the back rectangle piece to the
back of the stocking. Add and glue a loop of ribbon between the back and front of the rectangle and glue together. Add pretty ribbon or lace to decorate the front.




Leah said...

these are cute! You've been getting crafty lately eh? I'm jealous.

Danielle said...

These are gorgeous, Shan! The girls will love this tradition as they grow up! :)

freesia said...

Aww how cute this are, i will try at least make one for my three before christmas!!!! thanks for sharing!!