Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ikea Trip

The mini man and I made an evening trip to Ikea. I have Christmas gifts in mind that I wanted to get started on (that won’t be shared on here today), so we headed to the massive store last night. A warning made to me from the big man before I left, “Don’t spend all our money now.” Smile and nod boys, just smile and nod. 

Here is the loot I took home:


Decorative Reindeer: For a Christmas garland project I have in mind. $2.99/pack


Some kraft paper gift wrap. I’m wanting to wrap all the gifts in an ‘old’ fashion style for under the tree. $1.49/roll


A white pot for my new plant!

Fabric: Remember this post, how I wanted to create a fabric skirt for the messy butcher block? Well I’ve been searching for fabric for some time and saw this whimsical pattern!


What do you think? The BFF wasn’t so enthused. Boys, what do they know? And at $2.99 / meter, even if I don’t use it for the project, I’ll find some other use for it. You all know I love birds, so how could I resist!?

And a pretty white frame for my art wall. I think I’ll be putting a black and white wedding photo in it.

Oh, and a set of whisks. In total, I did not spend a ton of money. That’s the great thing about Ikea, you get a lot of bang for your buck.


Michaela said...

I love Ikea!! Sometimes I even get dizzy in there cause I can't figure out where to focus since I just love everything (: You got some cute things!

Amanda @ Tall Glass of Water said...

Im planning on doing my wrapping in craft paper this year too. The print on the fabric is great. You're making me want to go to Ikea now!