Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Own Apartment Therapy {1}

Living in an apartment building has its limitations in terms of a) the amount of decorating one wants to put into a place that is not 'theirs' and b) the amount of decorating one is allowed to do.

Knowing that we will be living here for a maximum of 2-3 years, which is a decent amount of time, I want to make our home feel like a home, that it is ours with a cozy and unique style. We are still trying to figure our space issues and where things should go without looking totally cluttered and messy. This is a difficult task seeing as BFF likes books and techy gadgets, I have my crafts and such and Tayson has his toys. Easy enough to keep the kids stuff in his room. Harder to sort out our 'toys.'

Such will be the task over the next while. Coming up with creative and versatile storage solutions that still have a decorative appeal and, finding low cost or DIY decorating projects to make our apartment a home.

Here are some things I'm keeping an eye on:

I just saw this in the Giant Tigar flyer, a faux leather storage bench for $89.00. It serves two important functions 1) storing stuff without being an eyesore 2) seating! It's great to have a little extra place to sit when there are a few spare people around.
I'm wanting to put a drum pendent light in our living room to define the space. I saw this DIY project on the Thifty Decor Chick blog. She has a step by step on how to make one. Maybe I can score a shade at the thrift store and cover it in a fun fabric.

We need to hang some art or photos! I've always wanted to try a wall collage. Something fun like this from Young House Love.
There is also something exciting coming to our apartment very soon courtesy of my hard working parents! It's actually two things, both white and county and beautiful! Keep your eyes out for that exciting post!

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