Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Home Show

I wasn't sure what to expect, I'd never been to a home show before. I quickly realized that it was meant more for those who are in the process of:
1) a reno
2) wanting to upgrade features in a 'cookie cutter home'
3) building a new home from the ground up

I began to wonder why I went as I walked past booths with window installation, roofing options, water softeners, custom kitchens etc. Although there were a few things that did catch my eye, for the most part I was definitely not the 'niche' crowd this kind of show is for. I did however listen to a presentation by a designer who specializes in condo decor. She had some really interesting tips on how to maximize small spaces which, obviously is helpful to me as we are living in an apartment.

But all that aside, I still ended up spending about 2hrs walking around the building and checking out a few interesting booths.

Now I know this doesn't look like much, but I believe they had me in mind when designing this custom kitchen cabinet retractable shelf. Ya, you heard me, it's for the short people. Those under 5' 5" tall.
This shelf pulls down on a hydraulic like lever that moves up and down really smoothly and makes things really accessible in those high kitchen cupboards.

These totally retro kitchen appliances caught my eye right away and I had to get a closer look. And yes, they are 'adult' size. I realized when I uploaded this picture when I got home, it looked like a miniature children's play kitchen.

There were also a few booths with storage beds which are an amazing option as we are lacking storage space.

And this was probably the most interesting thing I saw all night. Cork fabric. Yes, these cushions are made from cork and has the durability just slightly less than leather. Amazing no?

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