Thursday, September 23, 2010

Apartment Therapy {2}

Back in the spring I purchased this lovely beauty from Craigslist for $100.00 bucks. I seriously had to convince the BFF that we needed it and he lovingly sighed that we could check it out. And then, of course after I took one look at it, he proceeded to load it, lovingly in the car.

 The woman had done a white prime job on it, but unfortunately she did not sand it before, so the paint was a bit tacky and peeled easily. I ended up sanding it down so I could do a proper paint job.
Fast forward to two weeks ago. As I've mentioned before, my parents refurbish/rejuvenate/remake antique furniture. Anything from dining sets to dressers to sideboards and cupboards. So my awesome Pa told me that he had painted it for me, andof course, the next time I was there, I just had to creep to the barn to check it out.
I just love her! She is the sweetest addition to our apartment and perfect for cookbooks and other pretty dished to display.

Little did I know what was also awaiting me in the barn. Remember when I wrote this post about some pieces of furniture I was looking for. And how I just adored this coffee table?

Well, my Ma and Pa are just so grand and made me one of my VERY OWN! Seriously, look at it! It's almost identical! They cut the base off a dining table and painted her up white for me. And my Pa delivered both pieces on the weekend. I feel so loved.
Ma and Pa Version


Leah said...

That's crazy! It looks exactly the same! Looks so nice!

Graceful Oven said...

Gorgeous! Your parents are so cool.