Sunday, June 14, 2009

David's Dinner Party

I had been planning for two weeks a special celebration for my sweeties birthday. After a week of viewing outdoor party ideas, I gathered my creative energy and spent all day Saturday preparing for his surprise. Here is the result! I had a lot of fun with all the details, adding my little touches here and there. Enjoy!

A chalk message on the driveway.

I just LOVE flowers.
So of course I couldn't resist indulging to make things look pretty.

The Bouquet I made David.

Table setting.

Lime Place setting.

I strung pictures and made a memory wall.
Using drapery from my old apartment, I made a grand entrance.

Roasted Maple Salmon with grilled asparagus with
a side of wedge potatoes.
I surprised myself considering I DO NOT like cooking.

{I heart you}

Looked so pretty in the evening.
We played the good ol' game of tile rummy.


Jessica Stowe said...

You're amazing! This is so beautiful. I love the night picture with all the lights!

Lee said...

wow! This looked like quite the set up! Hope you had fun. I'm expecting great things for my birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow Shannon!! This is AMAZING!!!! Beautiful!