Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thrifty Weekend Finds: Cottage Style

Spent a long weekend in Northern Ontario. Weather was lovely, horse flies were down right horrendous! My mom and I went out Saturday morning to see if we could find any treasures at garage sales in the small town of Huntsville, but we found nothing  but the weirdest “garage sales” I’ve seen.

Garage sale #1 was way out in the boonies with barely anything for sale, and it was over priced!
Garage sale #2 was what looked like to be an ongoing sale permanently set up in their garage and hallway of their home ( a used scrabble game was $20!)
Garage sale #3 was more of a Regal sale. Remember Regal? The company where you just ordered items from a catalogue? Anyway, this sale was just boxes of new Regal items for sale.

Moving on…

We ended up at the local Salvation Army which is chalk full of items!
As I was scanning the shelves of dishes, a bright pretty pattern caught my eye.
Here is what I scored!

A gorgeous bowl, platter, creamer and sugar pot. As well as a tin recipe box.

The items are ironware by the Johnson Brothers, made in England. I can’t seem to find any information on it though.

It was pretty grimy, but just covered in some aged sticky dust. Whip out the magic eraser and BOOM! Clean as can be. Only a small chip in the sugar pot, but I just couldn’t leave it!

Isn’t the pattern just beautiful? There is zero colour fading.

A close up of the platter.

I love the bright red of this recipe box! Very cute.

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Teresa said...

Great find after all that!