Sunday, March 6, 2011

Muskoka Getaway

Thanks to my lovely aunt and uncle and their generous wedding gift, we were able to spend a wonderful weekend at the amazing Rosseau Muskoka Marriott Resort and Spa.

yqajw_home01Photo from website

It was so cozy and wonderful with a fireplace in our suite, watching a heavy snowfall outside. Breakfast was served to our room in the morning before we headed home.

Outside we were struck by the sheer beauty of freshly fallen snow on the once bare trees. The sun was bright and cheerful as we drove home, in stark contrast to the –10 outside.


A really cute log home on a hill.

We also stopped in this store: Muskoka Living Interiors
Located just outside Port Carling, Ontario, this enormous interior design store was certainly something else. The stock alone was unbelievable, but when I saw a few price tags, well, let’s just say we were like little kid’s when your mom says, “Don’t touch anything here!”

Beautiful pieces and wonderfully designed.



Loved this paisley type print.

We both really love this and thought it would be a great thing to have in our home.
Idea! Project for me. People, it’s a stencil, some paint and a rustic frame that can be made out of barn board. Somehow I don’t think the price is quite right at $352 dollars!
Just saying.

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Leah said...

I could picture this being your house in 10 years. $300+ that's crazy! DIY here we come.