Thursday, March 24, 2011

Alternative Shelving:: Wire and Wooden Crates

Antique wooden crates are a perfect detail to create a unique shelving option on any wall in any room. If I ever see one it will be snatched up in a second.


Make your own crates! Ana White

baileys wine crate shelfing


There are also vintage wire baskets or crates that I just love too.
I was at Crate and Barrel this evening and saw these reproductions
that are just charming.


Etsy Shop:: Every Eskimo

kids-storagewitholdcratesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
A variety of wire baskets and crates.

This is a slight alternative version, using round baskets to hold this child’s stuffies!

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Amanda @ Tall Glass of Water said...

You know I have seen the crates thing done with old drawers from a dresser. Cute idea with the baskets. I'll have to think twice before I pass those up!