Sunday, February 27, 2011

Thrifty Weekend Finds :: Estate Sale

I’m not sure this estate sale thing is really for me. The first few times I went, it was great, a cool new thrifty experience. It was something I had never done before. New treasures were to be found, interesting people to meet, old homes to see etc. But this past Saturday, I was shocked to see the rudeness of people come out.

6:00am – Awoken by 8 yr old son, on a Saturday morning, 40 min before scheduled alarm. Not happy.

6:30am – Get up, no point in trying to go back to sleep. Lay out ground rules for weekend mornings. No getting out of room before 7:00am.

7:10am – After COFFEE, head out the door to sale.

7:30am – Turning onto the road where the sale is, notice A LOT of cars. Sheesh! Really? Park and walk to door where a thick crowd had already gathered. Did I say it was snowing? Hard? Ya, it was.

7:45am – Get # 38, proceed back to warm car till  8:00am

8:00am – More people waiting, stuck behind people who do not have #’s. See pushing, hear yelling, swearing, anger. (is this really worth it?)

8:17am – Get inside. The house is barren. I waited all this time to enter an almost empty home? Really? NOT WORTH IT! I leave with 4 things. Boo.

Pretty vintage table clothe. Large oval shape to fit a dining room table. Obviously my table is round, but you get the picture. 


A stash of vintage wrapping paper that I think it pretty cool and funky!
Can be purchased here. 3 Thrifty Ladies: Wrap

4 Cute spoon rests in these two funky vintage colours, teal and mustard.
Can be purchased here. 3 Thrifty Ladies: Spoon Rests


Beautiful Butterfly Notecards in three different designs.

My favorite find of the day was at a separate sale in more of an upscale neighbourhood. There wasn’t much at this sale either, but I managed to purchase these pretty pink glasses. I just love them. They remind me of the glasses at Anthropolgie a little bit.
I debated whether to list them, and yes, I did. I know they’ll sell as they are just too pretty to pass up. 3 Thrifty Ladies: Pink Drinking Glasses


If you’ve been to Estate Sales, what is your impression of them?

Happy Thrifting.


Teresa said...

Were you still up at 1:00 am?
Love your post. I never talked to you again since the morning. So you did go to the other one. Curiosity got you. Love the pink glasses too.

Alyssa said...

I'm fairly new to estate sales, and around here I'm noticing 2 general kinds. One is the type run by a company and the other is run by the family. The ones run by companies are iffy, sadly. Sometimes rude people and even worse rude people running the sale! They also tend to be retail or almost retail pricing. The ones run by family are usually lovely. They're kind, happy to talk about the items, and sanely priced. These are, of course, initial impressions. I'll give it a few more sales, possibly the summer, to get a better feel for things though.

Monica said...

I've been trying to get over my hesitancy of attending estate sales for the same reasons you listed. The last few I've attended have been fine for the most part. I love those drinking glasses. :)

Anonymous said...

I usually hit up estate sales every weekend. Yes, I have heard old ladies cursing each other. Have had someone literally rip something out of my hand. Vicious dealers and snarky hoarders. But I love it. I love the thrill of it and love all those crazy characters. Go on the last day when everything is usually deelpy discounted. You wont miss what you dont know was there :)