Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DIY Christmas Bunting

I’ve always wanted to try a fabric bunting and since Christmas is crafty, I thought now was the perfect time. And it will also be the last. Don’t get me wrong, I love the final product, but it was A LOT of work! Maybe it’s because I am not a sewer.  The amount of cutting involved nearly left my right hand crippled! I generally followed this tutorial.

After cutting out 32 triangles, ouch! I got the chance to use the burlap.

Warning: Burlap is messy to work with, once you cut it, the shedding begins.


The final product! I couldn’t use my zigzag stitch on the machine. For some reason it just wouldn’t work, so I went with the straight stitch.

I have another 15 triangles to make a second bunting. My mom let me use her stash of fabric to give this project a whirl, so “Hi Mom, Thanks! Here’s part of your Christmas present!” I think it will look better in her country home as it has more of that rustic feel.

Are you working on any DIY Christmas gifts? What is your crafty niche?


Leah said...

Looks great! Good Job Shan.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, cute Shan.
I love it!
My crafty things that I've done are
make a cute hat for Lauren with a big flower on the side. I made cards with your sis yesterday. Over the next few days I will be making a few fresh Christmas arrangements.

Alyssa said...

Phew, I sew, and I still think that's a lot of cutting! Cute results though.

Graceful Oven said...

Love the burlap! So nice!

Aurelia said...

I love the mixture of different fabric and patterns. The finished bunting looks great!