Thursday, November 5, 2009

Brighten Your Day

I've been inspired by one of my new favorite blogs, Small stump + Studio Choo. They are a floral design company, "art studio and online shop based in the wee coastal town of Pacifica, California. The shop is stocked with a combination of artwork created by owner Jill Pilotte, floral arrangements, vintage goodies, and a growing selection of designs from other talented artists." You should check out their lovely designs!

So I just discovered these bursting flower shops on Avenue Rd, up from where I work that sell flowers at really decent prices. And I'm talking great selection of lovely flowers. So earlier this week I bought a bouquet for a friend of BFF's who is in the hospital, but could not deliver them. So I decided to create an arrangement for my table top instead! It made me happy last night! Filled my heart with delight to create with my hands. 

 Yellow pot $2.99, butterflies and ribbon Dollarama!

A yellow, green and white selection.

I'm not sure what this is, but it looks interesting! (mom, what is it!?)





Leah said...

holy little miss florist now too eh? Why are you so creative?! Looks awesome, i love it.

Avery said...

ooh, nice!

the next best thing to having a studio choo within driving distance is being your own. :)

Country Lane Treasures said...

Wowee, you're flowershop days had some influence on you. Looks goood!!