Monday, September 7, 2009

Blog Ignorance

I will be the first to admit that I have totally ignored and neglected my blog as of late. But if there is a good excuse I think I may have just one. I got engaged a few weeks ago and have been really preoccupied with thinking about my future wedding. If you know anything about me or my mom or my sisters, you would definitely know that we love all things decor oriented, all things flowers, all things pretty and wonderful and fun. So I thought why not start, A Country Girl Wedding, my new blog that will allow you to see all the ideas and crafty creations we come up with for our wedding in August 2010. So if this blog seems a little slow, it's most likely because I'll be posting about what is on my mind at my new blog, A Country Girl Wedding.

1 comment:

Emelie said...

Congrats Shannon!!! that is so exciting. I will definitely be checking out your blogs now that I too am a blogger. Thanks for your comment! (ps your ring is beautiful!)