Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dinner Party Window Shopping {Crate&Barrel}

While waiting for my friend to join me for dinner at Yorkdale Mall yesterday, I did some summer dinner party eye spying at the lovely Crate&Barrel. Ohhh, there was too many things I could have bought. I should have stayed out, out, out of the store. But I walked away with zero items purchased! Good for me, cause I don't need anything, I just want it. There is a difference.

So to see just what I didn't buy yesterday that I really, really, really wanted to, view below! Most items were even on sale... {sigh} I told myself, use what you got at home!

Decorative urchin ball
Pretty Place mat and napkin set

Wire Picnic basket
I though you could even use it in the bathroom with
rolled up hand towels popping out or toilet paper rolls

Decorative leaf plates

"Mango" wood salad bowl

Ceramic vase

Adorable leaf entertainment set...
I had the large leaf plate in my hand for a while, but put it down.

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