Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ode to Organization

I seriously struggle with organization in my home. It's doesn't help that I live in a tiny apartment. With a child. Who has toys. And I like to do crafty stuff. So that means I have 'stuff' too. (I can't blame it all on the kid!)
am very good at seasonal purging. I go through my drawers and get rid of clothes that don't fit I haven't worn all season, which means I probably won't wear it ever again. I'm not a clutter bug. I'm not overly sentimental, which means I can throw things out easily. But it's more the every day here and there that bogs me down. I've made a cork board to pin up important mail, bought some shelving units, a shoe rack, a paper storer that has turned into an, I-don't-know-where-else-to-put-it-collector. I thought I'd look online today to see what nifty little tips I can find to help me utilize my space to be a tidier person. Or I could just hire my sister who is a super freak when it comes to neat and orderly. (Man, did I get the wrong genes!)

Stuff your Plastic Bags here!?
Kitchen Stuff Plus

hide in sink storage

Do you need a place of all those loose laundry do-dad's?
Laundry Shower Caddy
Real Simple

Lacking Storage space? I AM! I love this idea.
Why not use the inside of your closet door?

You can spray paint it any colour to give it a lift!

Peg Board Organizer

Real Simple

This is a joke to me!
Only in a magazine would a drawer look like this!

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